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Welcome to Poitou Charentes Vendée

Talmont Castle in the VendéeThis website will be devoted to the two French regions of Poitou Charentes and the Vendée. Subjects covered will be as diverse as the countryside, the beaches, crafts of these two beautiful regions, the history of the Poitou Charentes and Vendée regions, local food and drink specialities of the regions, local wines, festivals, excursions, etc. Many towns and villages will be covered such as La Rochelle, Angoulème, Niort, Cognac, Rochefort, Saintes, Parthenay and Fontenay-le-Comte along with islands such as the Isle de Ré .

The Poitou Charentes Vendée area has many medieval towns and beautiful medieval castles, churches and ruins within them. The medieval castle at Talmont (above left) is a good example.

La RochelleLa Rochelle (right) has a magnificent architectural heritage, as well as being a thriving port with a long history of trading. In the Charente can be found the valley of the Seugne which borders the Dordogne area and features many Romanesque churches. The vineyards of cognac cover an area of around 200,000 acres and are centred around the town of the same name. The combination of the soil, the sun and the proximity to the sea give cognac brandy its special taste.

So you see there really is so much to see and do in the regions of the The Poitou Charentes and Vendée. Come back soon and watch this site develop!