Sunshine Surfing In The Vendée

Sunshine, blue skies and surfing – something my friend Patrice (a good Vendée surfer) thinks about all winter! Thankfully Spring is now here so his frustation should soon be at an end and this kind of image should become a more regular sight not just for him but for anyone lucky enough to get to the region over the coming weeks and months. Surfing in the Vendée is something he believes all surfers should try.


Waves crashing onto a beach in The Vendée ideal for surfing

Vendée Surfing

The Vendée coastline has some of the best beaches in France, if not all Europe. Long, wide, sandy and often stretching for kilometres they provide a wonderful place for fun and relaxation.

People of all ages come to these beaches. Some just to sit and relax in the many hours of sunshine that the region enjoys every year whilst others take up more active pursuits such as surfing which is very popular along this coastline. The Atlantic breakers certainly offer some great surfing opportunities. Here is a video clip demonstrating the fun these waves afford young surfers. I filmed it last year on a sunny day with only a slight wind so you can imagine what the waves are like when the wind really gets up.

Surfers come from all over the world to this Atlantic coastline and there of many places to choose from. This Wannasurf page gives some great information on surf spots on this coast, best surfing times of year, etc.