Hermione Tall Ship In Rochefort

hermione2This year is significant in the annals of maritime history because of the voyage of the tall ship Hermione, a replica of a famous 18th century French frigate built over the last 17 years in the town of Rochefort in Charente-Maritime.

The ship’s construction became known as the Hermione Project and throughout it’s build it attracted many visitors to Rochefort from all over the world.

Hermione Tall Ship History

Many people we’ve met do not know about this amazing replica ship so we thought we would share its story with our blog readers. France and the United States share some common history, particularly military and maritime history. The American Revolution in particular forged a bond between the two countries which is still remembered today. During the American Revolution (1775 and 1783) there were many battles with the British and in 1780 France sent its emissary General Lafayette to visit George Washington and deliver the news that French military support would be forthcoming. The ship that took Lafayette on that famous voyage across the Atlantic Ocean was called Hermione. Built in Rochefort, it sailed from there and headed for Boston and ultimately into naval history.

Click here to read more detailed information about the Hermione’s famous voyage and Lafayette’s achievements in helping to end the American Revolutionary War after which the United States Of America came into being.

Hermione Tall Ship Replica In Rochefort

We visited Rochefort to see the tall ship before she sailed in September 2014. What a fabulous sight! Nothing could have prepared us for how magnificent this tall ship really is. Complete with rigging, sails and even cannons protruding from portholes, it was like being taken back in time to the 18th century world of maritime France. The video clip we made (above) shows the ship in all her glory and speaks louder than any words can.