Dreaming Of Ice Cream In Charente Maritime

Dreaming of ice cream in Charente Maritime – lyrics from a song or the first lines of a poem? No, just my take on looking back at summer memories in Charente Maritime. However, if any budding songwriter or poet wants to take inspiration from the idea, they can but the song or poem would only be as good as the writer’s real passion for ice cream.

Charente Maritime Ice Cream Makers

A passion for ice cream – that’s what comes home to you when you visit an ice cream parlour in this part of France. French ice cream is something special, of that there’s no doubt and the people who make the ice cream are incredibly passionate about their craft; many of them refer to it as ‘art’. It’s really appropriate therefore that the French use the term ‘artisan’ when referring to an ice cream maker: artisan glacier.

What’s more it goes beyond just the ice cream makers themselves. The ice cream sellers, whether they have a parlour or just an ice cream counter as part of a bar/cafe, use as much colour and appeal as possible in their advertising and displays so as to attract customers.

Here are 2 great examples that I saw in Chatelaillon Plage in Charente Maritime last summer.

ice cream cone on parlour wall

Ice cream parlour with cone on wall

charente maritime beach ice cream parlour

Ice cream cone display next to beach cafe

I can’t imagine any passer by being able to look at one of these display cones and not go to buy a real one! Food in the Charente Maritime is some of the best in France so it’s not surprising their ice cream is made with a passion. Did I say how it tasted? Amongst the best I’ve eaten anywhere 🙂

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