Deliciously Delightful: French Food

One of the biggest attractions of France is the food and the Vendée and Charente Maritime are no exception. Indeed, we have talked about food before in this blog with articles on ice cream, galettes and salads. Here is just one of our ‘foodie’ our recent posts as a reminder: Dreaming Of Ice Cream In Charente Maritime

French Food In Photos

We didn’t realise just how much we love the food in France until recently when we sorted through our archive of photographs. Given that pictures can say so much more than words, just take a look at some of the reasons why any food lover should visit France, especially the Vendée and Charente Maritime ….


La Rochelle market


Tomato side salad

moules et frites - typcial French food

Fabulous moules et frites

profiteroles - great french food

Perfect profiteroles


French style cappucino and cake

As you can see, the range of French food in just a few photographs is amazing. From fresh vegetables to delicious salads, seafood such as mussels to fabulous desserts including the classic French food: profiterles. We have a lot more photos too so watch this space for more posts on glorious Fench food!

You can read more about food and wine in the Charente Maritime here and in the Vendée here.