Dreaming Of Ice Cream In Charente Maritime

Dreaming of ice cream in Charente Maritime – lyrics from a song or the first lines of a poem? No, just my take on looking back at summer memories in Charente Maritime. However, if any budding songwriter or poet wants to take inspiration from the idea, they can but the song or poem would only […]

Bluebeard Story & Gilles de Rais

A fairytale that many children around the world are familiar with is that of ‘Bluebeard’ (Barbe bleue) written by 17th century French author Charles Perrault. It’s a frightening tale (suitably published today ahead of Halloween) of a man who married and murdered successive wives and how the curiosity of one of them got the better […]

Île-de-Ré Donkeys – In Pyjama Trousers

The beautiful island of Île-de-Ré has much to offer visitors to the Charente Maritime and the Île-de-Ré donkeys are one of its most popular attractions. Having visited the island many times over the years we have encountered these delightful donkeys more than once and each time it is a delight. Children and their accompanying parents […]