Vendée Salad In Eleanor’s Domain

One of the things everyone enjoys about France is the food and wine. French cuisine can be incredibly complex and artistic but some of the simplest of dishes can be just as attractive. This simple French salad from the Vendée is a great example … This was an appetizer before the main meal in a small, […]

Ice Cream Delights

As the Spring approaches bringing the promise of more sunshine, one thing many of us look forward to is enjoying some great ice cream.  There are many great ice cream parlours in South West France but the best by far that I have found are in the Vendée. Perhaps it is because it’s a popular coastal […]

Gorgeous Galettes

French food is amongst the best in the world of that there is no doubt.  Galettes are ideal as a light lunch with a bowl of fresh green salad. They are inexpensive and served in many restaurants and cafés. If you like a savoury, hot treat then a French galette is likely to please your palate. Usually […]