Le Puy-du-Fou In The Vendée

The Puy-du-Fou is without doubt the most visited and popular attraction in the Vendee, the most impressive historical theme park in France and possibly in the whole world. In fact, back in 2012 it was voted the “world’s best theme park” by an independent jury at the Themed Entertainment Association (THEA) Awards in Los Angeles. […]

Sunshine Surfing In The Vendée

Sunshine, blue skies and surfing – something my friend Patrice (a good Vendée surfer) thinks about all winter! Thankfully Spring is now here so his frustation should soon be at an end and this kind of image should become a more regular sight not just for him but for anyone lucky enough to get to the […]

Ice Cream Delights

As the Spring approaches bringing the promise of more sunshine, one thing many of us look forward to is enjoying some great ice cream.  There are many great ice cream parlours in South West France but the best by far that I have found are in the Vendée. Perhaps it is because it’s a popular coastal […]