Charente Must See Attractions

There are many great tourist attractions to see in the Charente department. When you consider that there was a time when this area was only well-known for its paper and slipper industries, it is surprising to learn that the Charente today is a centre for a growing film, design and media industry and on a lighter note is a centre for creation of cartoons and comic strips which is a well-respected art form in France.

Here are some of the must see attractions in the Charente area:


Angoulême, the capital of the department is a town full of history complete with a magnificent Cathedral, and its old town walls. In the wonderfully winding cobbled streets you will find many great bars and places to eat.


Cognac is most likely the best-known town in the Charente of course because of the famous cognac drink produced in the area. Visitors to the town will enjoy a visit to one of the towns many cognac producers.


Barbezieux, in the south of the Department is worth a visit. Visit the church of St Matthias de Barbezieux which was built in the 11th century and then rebuilt in the 13th century only to be altered again after the wars of religion. At one time it was said to contain the relic of the head of St Matthias and pilgrimages were made to the site until the custom fell into disuse in 1562 when the church was ransacked and the head stolen.

Aubeterre sur Dronne

In this picturesque medieval village you can take a journey to the Centre of the Earth! The 12th century church of St Jean was carved completely out of the hillside and is one of the most spectacular sights in the Charente. The underground knave which is 66 feet high is unique in Europe. Also in this lovely town you will find pottery workshops and shops in the narrow streets.

Abbaye de Bassac

Benedictine Abbey in the Charente

Château de la Rochefoucauld

With its original 11th century square shaped keep flanked by Renaissance towers, in la Rochefoucauld.