Vendée Castles & Châteaux

Most people visit the Vendée primarily for the weather (2nd highest number of hours of sunshine in France), the beaches and of course the wonderful local food but during their stay they invariably visit one of the many historic castles the region has to offer. The Vendée is rich in history with several notable periods […]

Sunshine Surfing In The Vendée

Sunshine, blue skies and surfing – something my friend Patrice (a good Vendée surfer) thinks about all winter! Thankfully Spring is now here so his frustation should soon be at an end and this kind of image should become a more regular sight not just for him but for anyone lucky enough to get to the […]

Flowers In A Medieval Garden

Springtime and flowers … hopefully both are just around the corner! This photograph was taken last year at one of the best medieval gardens I have ever visited. It was full of fruit trees, roses, sunflowers, poppies, herbs and vegetables, some of which I had never even heard of before! The garden had a medieval […]