The Vendée

The Vendée is a department in West Central France, adjoining the Atlantic Ocean. The name Vendée comes from the Vendée river which runs through the south-eastern part of the department. The department is in fact crossed by four rivers: the Sèvre Nantaise (135 km), the Vendée (70 km), the Lay (110 km) and the Sèvre Niortaise (150 km). To many people however the name Vendée conjures up images of wonderful historic medieval castles, fields of sunflowers and beautiful white sandy beaches with waves rolling in from the Atlantic Ocean.

Economy Of The Vendée

The Vendée has a dynamic economy mainly based around the following: Tourism, Agriculture, Food Processing and Light to Medium Industry. It has been described as the most economically fast moving department in France by L’Express magazine in a 2006 survey. Its economy is notable for its low rate of unemployment (around 7% in late 2006 compared to more than 9% nationally) and a higher than average proportion of small and medium sized businesses (approx. one business for every 14 inhabitants).

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Vendée sunflowers